How to Apply for Food Stamps in Texas


To apply for food stamps in TX, applicants must meet all requirements. Before submitting your SNAP application, double-check the accuracy of all information provided to prevent denial based on small mistakes. According to the Department of Agriculture, the Texas HHSC application process is prone to error and it is therefore very important to make sure the error is not on the applicant’s part. That way, if your Texas food stamps application is denied, it will be easier for the HHSC to resolve it. The following section will explain the Texas food stamps application process, guide you on how to apply for food stamps in Texas and provide other information applicants will need to be successful in applying. See the following sections for information about:

  • Texas Food Stamps Application Process
  • The Monthly Income Required to Apply for Food Stamps in Texas
  • Other Requirements to Apply for Texas Food Stamps
  • The Texas SNAP Application Work Requirement
  • Where Do I Apply for Texas Food Stamps?
Texas Food Stamps Application Process

When applicants access the Texas online food stamps application, the form will have input fields for information about everyone in the household. For the purposes on SNAP, a household is defined as all of the members that share meals together. For example, if the household is shared by roommates who do not prepare meals together, they would apply for SNAP benefits separately. However, children under 22 must file a TX food stamps application in conjunction with their parents. Spouses also must apply for Texas food stamps together. For example, in households with parents who have a child who is under 22, but who is also married and has a child of their own, all four household members would have to be on the same SNAP application. If you have to include someone in the application, but the person does not share meals, make sure to indicate this in the TX SNAP application.

The Texas online food stamps application requires proof of:

  • Income (last three pay stubs, checks, or records from self-employment, including proof of any wages commission, bonuses, or any other income).
  • Identity, such as an ID, driver’s license or immigration papers
  • A rent or mortgage payment.
  • Dependent care costs, such as receipts from someone you pay as a caregiver.
  • Child support either being received or paid out.
  • Any bank accounts
The Monthly Income Required to Apply for Food Stamps in Texas

The monthly income required to file an online food stamps application in Texas depends on the family size. For example, if the household is made up of one person, the monthly income level would have to be $1,634 or below. Similarly, for two household members to apply for Texas food stamps, the eligible monthly income level must be $2,203 or under; three household members would be $2,772 or less; 4 members would need to be earning less than $3,342, and five members would need to be making $3,911 or less.

Also in the Texas SNAP application, households must report less than $2,000 cash in savings or checking accounts, stocks, bonds and other funds. Income sources not counting as part of the household resources include educational saving accounts, earnings from business property, retirement accounts, tools, and vehicles under $1,500 in value. Also, vehicles applicants are using as homes, to transport elderly or disabled persons, or to produce income, will not be counted as resources.

Other Requirements to Apply for Texas Food Stamps

All SNAP applicants must have lived in the U.S. for at least five years, with some exceptions. Noncitizens are still eligible for SNAP benefits if they are veterans, service members, or dependents of a veteran or military member. Anyone wanting to apply for TX food stamp benefits must also have lawful permanent residence status if they have work history of at least 40 quarters. Those who are 65 years or older who have been a lawful resident of the U.S. since 1996, or were admitted to the U.S. under refugee status, can also apply.

The Texas SNAP Application Work Requirement

Completing the TX application for SNAP food stamps requires applicants to fill out a section about their ability to work. If there are any circumstances that prevent you from working, they should be indicated here. The work program assists applicants in finding jobs. When selected, applicants will have to register with the Texas Workforce Solutions office and meet the other requirements for searching for work and accepting valid offers.

Where Do I Apply for Texas Food Stamps?

Once all income and other calculations are ready, the Texas food stamp application can be filled out in-person at an HHSC office, or online. If you would like help with a TX SNAP application, most communities in Texas also have a local center that can provide assistance in applying for SNAP and other HHSC benefits.