What Is Included with Texas SNAP Benefits?


SNAP food benefits in Texas are designed to provide nutritious food to individuals or families earning below a certain level of income. Texas benefits for food stamps are available to households meeting basic and ongoing requirements. Residents may be able to receive TX food stamp benefits within five days if they qualify and are in need of food right away. To read about the different kinds of Texas food stamp benefits, the maximum SNAP benefits Texas provides, and the items purchasable through the program, see the following sections:

  • How much will I get for TX Food Stamp Benefits?
  • How are SNAP benefits received in Texas?
  • What can I buy with food stamp benefits in Texas?
  • When are TX SNAP benefits available?
  • Average food stamp benefit amount per month in Texas
  • The Texas SNAP Employment and Training Program
How much will I get for TX Food Stamp Benefits?

The monthly benefit amount for food stamps in Texas starts at $194 for one person and goes up to $925 and higher for six people or more. Add about $150 for each additional person. Food stamps benefits Texas

applicants can estimate the amount of TX SNAP benefits by taking net income and multiplying it 0.3 percent. For example, the amount of food stamp benefits in Texas would be $450 per month if monthly net income was $1500, since 1500 times 0.3 is 450.

How are SNAP Benefits Received in Texas?

All SNAP benefits in Texas are loaded onto an EBT card, called the Texas LoneStar Card. TX food stamp benefits will be automatically applied to the card on the specified date each month. Texas SNAP benefits are loaded onto the LoneStar EBT card, used for both the SNAP program and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The card is usable at most grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Recipients can check their benefit card food stamps Texas balance at checkout, by phone or Internet.

What Can I Buy with Food Stamp Benefits in Texas?

A LoneStar EBT Card can be used at most retail grocery stores. Many farmer’s market also accept TX SNAP benefits. For example, the Texas Farmers Market in many major cities accept food stamps, and some even offer $2 for every $1 of SNAP benefits. Texas SNAP food stamp benefits can be used to purchase foods like bread, milk, fruits, cereal, diary and any other fresh produce. Recipients of Texas SNAP benefits can also purchase plants and seeds for growing a garden of their own. Some restaurants, and other food service venues, are able to accept Texas food stamps for recipients that are disabled or homeless. Candy, soft drinks, cookies and other snack food are considered food items. Certain energy drinks are also eligible if they have a nutrition label. Generally, items with nutrition labels that are intended for human consumption are purchasable.

Items that Texas food stamp benefits cannot be used to purchase are: alcoholic beverages, Tobacco products, household items, pet food, vitamins, prescriptions, and prepared ready-to-eat food. Holiday gift baskets are only purchasable with TX SNAP benefits if they are more than half food.

The USDA made these initiatives possible by partnering with the Farmers Market Coalition to provide free EBT equipment that would allow payments at farmers markets. In 2015, $20 million worth of EBT purchases were made at farmers markets and the amount is expected to rise with increasing awareness of this initiative.

When are TX SNAP Benefits Made Available?

Texas SNAP food stamp benefits are made available according to the last digit of an applicant’s TANF or SNAP case number. Depending on whether the last number is 0-9, the day on which benefits will be deposited will be between the 1st and 15th of the month.

Average Food Stamp Benefit Amount per Month in Texas

In 2014, the average monthly SNAP benefit amount in Texas was around $117 per person.

The Texas SNAP Employment and Training Program

One important Texas SNAP benefit is the SNAP Employment and Training program. This program is intended to provide employment assistance to anyone receiving TX food stamp benefits not working at least 20 hours per week. This program is mandatory, but anyone may participate if receiving SNAP and working over 20 hours. When voluntarily participating, there is no penalty for starting the program and quitting before completion, or meeting all requirements of participation, such as the number of hours which may be reduced upon request. Once enrolled in the SNAP food benefits program, applicants will receive a notice to attend a session that will provide various employment assessments, such as aptitude and vocational testing. These services allow food stamp recipients to better discover their natural work tendencies, potential for certain training programs, and current skills and abilities. The Workforce Solutions Office is responsible for administering these services.