After Applying for Texas SNAP – Texas Food Stamps


After completing the application for TX food stamps, applicants will still have to follow several steps to receive benefits. Applicants will have to interview with an HHSC representative to verify information, register for the Texas work program, and receive and follow-up on any other instructions from the interview or notices. Applicants wondering how long to get food stamps after the interview, what documents must be brought to the food stamps interview in Texas, and any other information about what to do after applying, can find out in the next sections:

  • What do I need for food stamps in Texas?
  • Documents Required for Texas SNAP Benefits
  • When do I get food stamps benefits in Texas?
  • What are the SNAP employment requirements in Texas?
  • Registering for Employment and Training with Texas Workforce Solutions
What do I Need for Food Stamps in Texas?

Part of the Texas food stamp eligibility states that you will need to verify your information and make it to the first interview and any future interviews. Make sure not to miss your appointment letter in the mail. You will be scheduled for an in-person or telephone food stamps interview in Texas and you also might have to physically register with a state work or training program. If you would like to appear in person for your interview, it is recommended to notify the HHSC soon after applying, or on the application. For the Texas food stamps documents required for this interview, see the following sections.

Documents Required for Texas SNAP Benefits

Have the following Texas food stamps documents required for verification to prepare for your interview:

  • Official ID
  • Work history
  • Medical expenses
  • Any other deductions used to determine your earnings.
When do I get Food Stamps Benefits in Texas?

According to the federal Food and Nutrition Act, the local HHSC is required to process applications within 30 days. You can receive a response faster if you are eligible under the qualifications for expedited processing, which can reduce the waiting period to seven days or less. If wondering how long to get food stamps after the interview, some applicants are automatically qualified for expedited benefits, such as seasonal migrant farm workers with less than $100 in resources, households with less than $150 in gross income, and households with less income than rent and utilities combined.

What are the SNAP Employment Requirements in Texas?

At the TX food stamps interview, applicants will be informed that SNAP benefits require able-bodied household members to register for work. They also must not refuse offers to work, or refuse to participate in any state program. Applicants who are injured, disabled, or elderly are exempt from this requirement. A SNAP food benefits applicant is considered disabled if he or she receives state disability, receives federal disability, receives veteran aid due to injury, or is a surviving child or spouse of a veteran who is currently receiving Veterans Association benefits. Make sure to mention any of these conditions during the interview. You will have to provide documentation of any exemption being claimed.

Registering for Employment and Training with Texas Workforce Solutions

One of the Texas food stamps documents required after the interview is the Work Requirement Verification form. However, applicants are exempt from any work-related verification, activities or programs if aged 15 years old or younger, or if in school. There are several other exemptions, such as being 18 or older, or being enrolled in classes for at least half-time credits. Texas food stamp applicants may also be exempt if over the age of 60, caring for someone who is disabled, caring for one or more children under the age of six.

A Second Interview After Applying for Texas SNAP Benefits

After you apply for food stamps in TX and participate in any scheduled Texas food stamps interviews, you will have to follow the instructions provided by the HHSC interviewer. These may include registering for work at a local unemployment office or instructions to attend a second in-person certification interview that will help you determine and meet eligibility requirements. If you have difficulty traveling to the closest HHSC location, please notify your representative.

Reviewing Your Benefits: What Resources Reduce the Benefit Amount?

The Texas food stamps interview with the HHSC will explain eligibility criteria. Applicants become ineligible if they have over $2,250 cash in checking or savings accounts, or over $3,250 if a disabled person is in the household. Some resources that are not counted are TANF benefits, SSI payments and retirement pensions. Vehicles are not counted unless they have a value over $4,650, and are not used to transport a disabled household member. Houses and property are also not counted.

If you feel you have been discriminated against during the interview or in the procedures asking for the Texas food stamps documents required, contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which prohibits unequal treatment of anyone on the basis of race, skin color, ethnicity, sex, gender, religion, disability, political affiliation, or marital and family status. Legal immigrants are eligible to apply for food stamps in TX if they have lived in the U.S. for five years, or are receiving disability payments. Also, any children who are legal immigrants under 18 are eligible. Even if some household members are ineligible, other members can still receive SNAP benefits.